Be Careful What You Do Today

I finished reading Proverbs yesterday and should be filled with wisdom, but this is all I’ve got today and even some of that I’m stealing from Garrison Keillor.

Most of us are familiar with Ed Norton the character on the Jackie Gleason show some years ago.  But are we familiar with Ed Norton Lorenz who was born this day in 1917?  He was a meteorologist who came up with the concept of the “Butterfly Effect,” otherwise known as Chaos Theory.  I think Adam was including chaos theory in his 30- year search for a single theory that would explain the universe.  If God created the cosmos, then it stands to reason that one theory stands behind it.  I think that was the principle he was working with.

In any case, Ed Lorenz in a presentation in Texas in 1972, used the following phrase to explain chaos theory.  “Does the flap of a butterfly’s wings in Brazil set off a tornado in Texas?”

If I remember my Philosophy class correctly, I think there was one philosopher who wondered about what a difference it makes in our lives and in the world, if when I go out a door I decide to turn right, go straight or turn left.

In memory of Edward Norton Lorenz, “Be Careful What You do Today.”  

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