When Two Days is Six Days


First of all, we have a burglar in the house and likely you do too.  It’s called a four-color printer.  So, our printer showed that magenta was out of ink.  What is magenta and who uses it?  Apparently, printers suck the stuff up like a drunkard on a binge.  I needed some material to be run off for Friday Bible Class, but the burglar refused to print black unless its magenta was replaced.  I think that is extorsion hostage taking.  I wonder if the printer is owned by Stan Kranke, the fondly remembered, in St. louis, owner of the NFL Rams.

Well Becky ordered ink, magenta, and payed for two-day delivery.  She supposed two days included the day she ordered (Wednesday) and would come Thursday.  I thought that might be a bit hopeful.  It turns out two days begins the day after the order is shipped, that was Friday.  But the two days does not include Saturday and Sunday.  Therefore, we are guaranteed that by 8pm Monday we will have our two-day order delivered six days after it was ordered.

I had better get ready for church where I can confess my sins of THOUGHT along with deeds and words.

What about my material.  I called my neighbor and his wife ran it off.  It turns out their son-in-law advised them to get a black and white only printer.  How smart of them.

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